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How to Make Google Work For You!

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What's Inside?

If you own a business, you might’ve heard a lot of fragmented information about online marketing, leaving you to sift through thousands of articles about Google’s services and how to make your website competitive.

Does this sound familiar?

SLAM Strategy’s E-book ‘Getting Google to Grow My Business’, details the various online strategies available to ambitious business owners who understand the importance of online marketing. Consider it online marketing 101!

To help you consolidate the right information, we discuss the importance of the following services and activities in your marketing mix:

  • Google Search Engine Optimisation
  • Google AdWords
  • Google Analytics, and;
  • Google My Business.

The book is completely free, so why not grab a copy now? After reading it, you’ll be much better informed to make critical decisions about your marketing activities.


Learn how to connect with the ‘right’ customers.

Learn how to increase Leads.

Learn how to use Google to it’s full potential!

Marketing Mix

Does your Marketing Mix include a strong online presence? Increase your knowledge of Google’s tools & how they can work for you!

Data is Everything!

Data…… For your business to reach it’s full online potential, you’ll first need to learn how to analyse all relevant keyword data, and how Google Analytics works!

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101 Topics:

  • S.E.O

    Learn about Search Engine Optimisation, how Search Engines work and about keyword selection

  • AdWords

    Learn what Google’s paid advertising network- Google AdWords is and how it works

  • Knowledge & Analysis

    We discuss Google’s essential data generating service- Google Analytics, how to utilise Google My Business, and how Google can serve you.

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