Case Study Overview on Keyword Intent and How it Relates to AdWords

This case study compares the intent behind the keywords within our client’s old campaigns before we stepped in and the first month of our AdWords campaign for the client. The intent of a keyword relates to what phase of the buying cycle the searcher is in. The further along the buying cycle they are, the more likely they will turn into a conversion.

Conversion Optimisation Agency Adelaide

Remember that people searching on the Internet for your products and services can’t buy from you if they can’t find you online.
When it comes to an Optimisation strategy, you need to have the answers to the following questions if you are going to be competitive online.

• How should the website function to increase conversions (calls, emails, downloads, subscriptions etc)?

• What are the key elements to focus on to deliver the most cost effective strategy with the greatest ROI?

• Where does my business rank on search engines for all keywords related to my businesses products and/ or services?

• How does my business’ online strategy compare to that of my competitors?

• How visible online is my website for the products and services we provide?

• Is my business appearing in my customers’ online search results?

• How much better can we be doing it online?


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With over 20 years of retailing, franchising and online retailing experience, Slam Strategy specialises in generating traffic to your website by implementing search engine optimisation techniques and converting traffic into sales online or in store. We will give you access to a team of Internet strategists, who will create a specific Internet strategy tailored to your business’ needs. We will not only draw customers to your website, but take the customer’s visit one step further by turning those web visits into sales and keep them coming back for more.

We are based in Adelaide and have helped a number of small, medium and large retail clients around Australia.

So if you are looking to bring you retail business to next level with the help of online space, give us a call for a free and no-obligation quote.