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Why SLAM? Because we are effective and efficient

Our business model is like no other in the industry! With 22 years of retailing, franchising and online experience, we have truly embraced the digital world in every aspect, and by fully integrating online business management tools, we can operate both effectively and efficiently for our clients.

As a fully integrated digital company, we are able to operate with the absolute minimum in overheads, which, in turn enables us to pass on those savings to our clients, making us exceptionally good value for money! Being 100% digital also gives us access to the global talent pool to bolster our workforce; enabling us to pick from the very best & talented digital minds available.

Our business model is more representative of a belief or movement, connected via a common cause for digital advertising and marketing excellence, rather than a traditional, corporate structure. We continue to evolve and develop organically based on a universal principle to produce outstanding results for every client we work with, every single time. We offer a tailored, personalised business service and strategy support, unique to each of our client’s needs.

Our company, along with all our AdWords strategists, are Google AdWords Partners and experts in their fields. We offer ‘no lock in contracts’ and a 30 day money-back guarantee. If you’re not happy for any reason, you can cancel and we’ll gladly refund any unused advertising expenditure. After the first 30 days, you can cancel with 30 days written notice.

Oh, and our results speak for themselves…….We deliver exceptionally high results with an average 17% conversion rate (some clients convert as high as 35%).

Decentralised – Our business model is like no other

Our company and the way it operates is not like any other in the industry. While there are many companies that provide digital services, not many have integrated digital entirely into their very existence quite like SLAM.

Our business model was built with the idea in mind to provide our clients with the best possible results at the lowest possible prices. To do this we needed to combine the highest quality services without all the associated costs and pass those saving on to our clients. SLAM has embraced supplying digital services in a digital world to benefit their clients.

As long as our highly qualified AdWords, SEO, Social Media and Design and Development team have access to the internet they can work remotely from anywhere on earth. Because our clients pay for results, where our team do their work from is of little importance. Creating the right work life balance environment for our team has enabled SLAM to employ the services of some of the most talented people found anywhere in the world while still keeping operational overheads to a bare minimum. The result is our team go the extra mile to produce results that would normally cost much more to achieve.

Our Team – Square pegs for square holes

SLAM Strategy is continually looking to employ the services for enthusiastic, dedicated and passionate people who love what they do by integrating their digital passions into their everyday lives and embraced this new way to do business from anywhere in the world.

It’s our teams continued unwavering determination, enthusiasm and dedication to their jobs each and every day, that results in our clients seeing the unmatched results they do. That is why we employ square pegs for square holes.

Our team’s fundamental goal is to continually improve the quality of traffic to your website and increase enquirers that convert into sales both online and in store. They will not only create a specific and customized Internet strategy tailored to your businesses but they will continually test and benchmark it against previous performance and industry best practices to ensure that the best possible results are always being achieved.

Professional Digital Marketing Agency Adelaide

SLAM Strategy is internationally recognised for generating high quality traffic to your website that converts into sales both online and in store. We will provide you access to our team of highly qualified specialist Internet strategists, who will create a specific and customized Internet strategy tailored to your business’ needs. We will not only draw customers to your website, but take the customer’s visit one step further by turning those web visits into sales and keep them coming back for more.

We are a team of cutting edge Internet advertising and marketing experts and help our clients to dominate their internet market space. Our team help our clients to maximise their ROI by continuously benchmarking our services against industry best practices.

Digital Marketing Solutions for Small and Medium Business

SLAM Strategy has an ever growing number of clients in Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth and internationally. We help both small and big businesses achieve their digital marketing objectives. Talk to one of our Internet strategists today about your needs and we will recommend the ideal solution for your business. We specialise in using Search Engine Optimisation, AdWords Management, Facebook Advertising, Website Optimisation, and Social Media, email marketing and traditional advertising like TV, Radio, Press and other Print Media to help you grow your business.
We invite you to give us a go by contacting us today for a free review.