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There are so many options to choose from when it comes to driving traffic to your website through advertising. SLAM Strategy’s online advertising specialists work with your business to come up with a unique, strategic, online advertising campaign that best suits your business objectives. Online advertising with SLAM is the most cost-effective way to increase sales as we work with the best specialists in the industry to make your website and business a success

The performance of your campaign comes down to the actual person/s doing the work for you. SLAM Strategy has scoured the globe to source some of the finest Google Ads specialists available to ensure our campaigns perform at their maximum for our clients.

SLAM Strategy has a team of Google Ads specialists whose only goal is to increase your ROI. Google Ads also provides you with techniques better to understand your opposition and their strengths and weaknesses.

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Google Ads Maintenance

Google Ads maintenance is a regular monthly service of your campaign to identify and implement continual improvements to your Google Ads, by increasing the click through rate, reducing the cost per click and generating more quality traffic to your website with the goal being to increase conversions.

Reports are generated and sent to the client with an overview of the performance of the campaign, with any highlights or areas of recommended improvement/further opportunities (geographical targeting, ad grouping, ad copy, demographics, etc).

New ads are written and split-tested with the current ads, for continual improvement of the campaign, to maximise the overall performance of the campaign (which is often to generate for the client more clicks and at a lower cost-per-click).

If you would like to know more about Google Ads and begin to understand the emotional needs of your customers then please contact us as we can arrange a meeting to discuss your requirements.

"We noticed a massive jump in enquiries. The way SLAM works with you every step of the way exceeds any other Marketing company we have ever worked with. They not only implement effective strategies, they manage the whole process and report back to you with the results and ways to further grow your business. We are very grateful for all SLAM has done for us at Sukhavati."

Stephanie Jackson - Sukhavati Bali Ayurvedic Retreat & Spa

"We have partnered with SLAM on a number of occasions. They showed a great deal of integrity, hard work and willingness to achieve positive results."

Keith Arnold - Managing Director Loud Communications

"Working with SLAM has been great for generating leads for us, thanks SLAM"

Matthew Gayler - Managing Director MXITS

"Since swapping our AdWords provider to SLAM Strategy, we've seen a great increase in leads and sales. I’m very happy we changed providers to SLAM Strategy!"

Deborah Prior - Queensland Spitroast

"I have been ecstatic with the service from SLAM Strategy. The work done on my company’s SEO campaign over the last couple of months has been fantastic. The team really ticked my boxes with our home page and content within,and it was great for the CEO to see digital strategy in action!

So credit given where credit is due - thanks SLAM!"

Albyn Hooper - The Drone Co.

"For the past 5 years we have self-managed our own AdWords campaign thinking we could do it as well as anyone else. Since partnering with SLAM, we have seen a 50% increase in sales all the while reducing our AdWords expenditure. It’s safe to say SLAM is great at what they do and our only regret is not contacting them sooner!"

David Fry - Director of Whiter Smile

"Shaun and his team have been a great support for our work and have always been easily accessible, responsive, thorough and professional to work with. They have a deep understanding of their niche and were able to adapt to our needs. Highly recommend their work."

Nick Brook - Urologist at EastWestUrology

"In the initial stages as I was new to the entire process there had been some slight hiccups and misunderstandings that were always quickly resolved by Shaun and the team. It's been 2 months in since they've launched our campaigns on Google ads, and already we've seen some positive results and are looking to scale. The team have been great and are doing a fantastic job. Looking forward to working together in the months to come and hoping for consistently positive results!"

Elaine Poon - Bubbable Baby

"Good and honest guys who will put in the legwork for the business to succeed."

Edgars Pudāns - Through Our Lens

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