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General Keyword Optimisation

Here’s our recommendations for making sure your target keywords are properly incorporated into your website so that search engines understand what the website is about.

Page Titles

  • Every page needs a unique page title
  • Should be 50 – 70 characters long
  • Keywords included towards the front of the title

Meta descriptions

  • Not used directly in ranking but should be optimised for click through rates
  • Every page needs unique meta description
  • Should be around 300 characters long
  • Describe the page and encourage the click with call to action and unique benefits/features
  • Include target keywords and related terms as they will be bolded in the search results and can catch the eye


  • One h1 per page
  • Include keywords in h1 once and make it part of a larger phrase (ie. Not just the keyword)
  • Use h2,3,4 etc. for other headings to show the relationship between different sections


  • Should reflect the keywords targeted on the page but not too many. A good rule of thumb is 2-3 times for the main target keyword phrase/s and no more than 15 times for the individual words that make up those phrases
  • Should include related keywords and synonyms to those targeted on the page
  • Should have the same volume of textual content as the average competitor in the top 5 or more
  • Content should be unique (not duplicated across the website or across other external websites). This includes ‘boilerplate’ content where its substantially similar with a few words changed
  • For more informational keywords, try to include ordered and unordered lists and tables in your content, both because they’re easy on the eyes of the reader but also because it makes the page more likely to capture the ‘featured snippet’ result for a query if available
  • It’s beneficial to have both fresh content added to the site regularly and content updates on existing pages regularly

Website structure

  • Have one keyword focus per page and try to avoid targeting the same keywords on multiple pages
  • Use relevant keywords in the anchor text of internal contextual links


  • Include each target keyword at most once
  • Words and dashes only
  • Keep them short

Alt tags

  • Include on all content related images, not necessary on things like logos and navigational elements of the page
  • Should be relatively short (6 words max)
  • Describe image
  • Include target keywords of the page if relevant

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