The power of Artificial Intelligence in Marketing

What is AI for marketing?

Artificial Intelligence facilitates organisations to improve their overall marketing efforts. AI can automate your everyday marketing tasks like scheduling and sending emails or predicting campaign performance. It also goes even further by personalising experiences for both marketers and consumers.

Since speed, efficiency, and personalisation play a big part in today’s customer journey, using AI to predict demand and make smart decisions is essential.

So why should you use Artificial Intelligence in your marketing? 

Build stronger customer relationships

AI tools like chatbots provide 24/7 customer support and are always available to help customers. This allows customer service teams to save time responding to common questions and focus on the most important tasks and complex queries.

Faster data-driven decision making

Marketing tools make it possible to sift through mountains of data in a much quicker time. AI-powered systems build on top of these tools to generate helpful insights and reach the right customers at the right time. 

Boost campaign ROI

Developing content that resonates with your audience and converts customers is more likely with AI decision-making. With historical data, run campaigns based on the type of content your audience engages with and add value to their journey. This affects your bottom line and increases your campaign’s ROI.

Personalise the content with customer data

If you don’t know your customer’s preferences—what they want and don’t want—it’s difficult to measure and create something that works for them. Customer data such as demographics, buying history, and location can help you identify prospects interested in your products or services. The best way to get and crack this data is with Artificial Intelligence. It can predict what products and services they’re likely to buy based on customers’ online history and past purchases. With these insights, marketers can forecast sales, manage inventory, and push the right products to the right people. 

Automate repetitive tasks

Repetitive tasks drain energy and take time. Do you often feel tired and sometimes demotivated doing the same thing over and over? Then let AI automate your mundane tasks like emails, survey analysis, reporting, answering common queries, and more. You can use the time saved with AI to solve complex problems and innovate.

AI content generation

AI can help marketers create all sorts of content for social media, email marketing, and other communication channels. Marketers can set parameters around the generated content and have the final say in what gets sent or published. Although AI can’t replicate human creativity, it can save your team time and maybe fuel a bit of inspiration.

Dynamic pricing AI

Dynamic pricing is when prices change based on things like traffic volume or product availability. With AI-powered dynamic marketers can create campaigns that have a sense of urgency and maximise their ROI, without needing to adjust prices themselves manually. It’s a win-win situation.

It’s time to join forces with AI

AI is changing things around in the world of marketing. By combining marketers’ expertise with the power of artificial intelligence, they can become more impactful than ever before. AI works best when it’s paired with a real person. It needs human interaction to check that the information it provides is accurate, and to improve the written and visual content it creates. Marketers need to recognise the value that both sides bring to the partnership and start elevating their game.