Pay For Performance vs Lead Generation

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Why our Pay for Performance Model is 100% better than any Agency Management Model for E-commerce Businesses.

At SLAM we operate more like your business partner. That means, we only make money if you make money. For us to win, you need to win first. We are a pay for performance marketing agency.

You bring your business model and we bring the digital advertising and marketing expertise to make sure you outperform your competition and excel beyond your own expectations.

As your business partner:

  1. We share the same values as you do because we have real skin in the game.

  1. Our income is tied to our performance. Meaning the more you make the more we do too.

  1. We provide unlimited time and unlimited resources at no cost to you. We do what is needed, whenever it’s needed to make sure we produce the best outcomes possible.

  1. We focus on long-term profitable growth strategies for increasing profitable revenue.

  1. You will only work with the most experienced people in the industry because again our income is tied to the results.

  1. We’re proactive rather than reactive. We’ll take advantage of any changes coming to the industry for you and create new strategies to leverage these opportunities. This way, you always have first move advantage over your competition.

  2. You also have 24/ 7 access to our team, to make sure there is seamless communication.

The results are always proportional to the effort and since our team’s income is directly tied to those results, our pay for performance model will always outperform any retainer based management fee model every single time. SLAM Strategy is a Google Partner Advertising Agency, which means we guarantee you maximising your campaigns success, driving growth, and demonstrating Google Ads skills and expertise with certifications.

We offer you professional services in:

– Pay for performance Google Ads

– Pay for performance SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

In just one of our recent client case studies, we achieved more than 20 times return on their ad spend which is well, well above the industry averages.

So if you’re currently with an agency and wanting better result for your eCommerce business, reach out to us today and find out how our pay for performance model can work for you!