12 Month SEO Case Study And 607% Increase In Conversions

Recently we provided a Google shopping case study showing just how effective has been for generating income for businesses.

Today I’d like to share with you a 12-month SEO comparison case study starting in March 2019 which had equally impressive results.

  • In the first slide you can see that the website visits increased dramatically and remained high throughout the year with an increase in new visitors of 122.09% and the number of pages viewed on the website increasing by 114.85%

  • In the second slide you can immediately see the impact of the increased visitors had on the number of conversions increasing rapidly compared to the previous 12 months by 242.93%.

organic traffic from SEO

  • Finally, in the third slide to support our analysis of the effect of our Search Engine Optimisation work, you can see clearly that organic traffic linked to improving SEO was the reason for the businesses fantastic growth in SEO results. While all traffic increased, organic traffic from Search Engine Optimisation increased the most by 179.46%

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About the Author

Shaun Le Cornu

Shaun Le Cornu

Shaun Le Cornu has been working with brands since 1988 with over 19 years of experience working for one of the largest furniture and floor covering store in the Southern Hemisphere with a turnover of $75 million a year.
In 2009 he moved from the retail industry and taking with him his unique and innovative online methodologies, Shaun founded SLAM Strategy.
Shaun now manages a large worldwide workforce across SLAM’s 6 main services and has managed to create a unique and dynamic business model that promotes ongoing professional learning amongst a highly talented group of specialists in multiple fields that all share one universal goal: Positive and measurable results, for all clients.
Shaun is highly respected in the industry and has also been engaged by Australia Post to flying around Australia, teaching business owners how they can grow their businesses using Google.
Shaun’s time management skills have to be razor sharp, which is just one more element of SLAM’s success.