5 Critical Factors New gTLD Investors Need To Consider:

1500 new gTLDs will launch at roughly the same time and the owners of these have to consider how they are going to deal with this glut. Millions of dollars are at stake and those that can stand tall will do so by taking into account certain risk management strategies to make sure they come out on top.

Here are some things for those investors in gTLDs to think about.

  1. The vast majority (80%) of the global community don’t even know that new top level domains exist
  2. Of those that do know many have no idea what they would do with a .xyz or a .love
  3. Owners are often more in love with their own business plan visions for the gTLD string than the wider community is, so there’s the likelihood that although it makes sense to the owner, it’s going to be harder to sell a domain than they think.
  4. With so many options available, how are their new gTLD strings going to stand out from all the others?
  5. The industry is dangerously incestuous with long term industry advisors, specialists and consultants that are almost entirely from within the domain industry itself. There is a real risk of a lack of innovation, creativity and missed opportunities as each TLD is treated with the same thinking from years of insider industry experience.

SLAM Strategy is different:  we present a new, fresh set of eyes, ears and ideas. We don’t come from the gTLD community; we are not formed by well-established industry insiders, whose thoughts and ideas are based on a history working within the technical of the domain industry itself. We are an Internet Strategy company focused on return on investment strategies for businesses wanting to find new success online. Our strength lies in our real world experience on the front line of the business community – of being found online by your target market and converting them. We are a specialised, leading edge strategy company built by business people with business ideas and a focus on finding ways of maximising our client’s conversions as cost effectively as possible.

The Internet is about to move into a higher gear, as it’s about to change from being a technical function into a main driver for society. Right now, the need for new players like SLAM to step into the fold and provide fresh eyes to a fresh industry could never be more important. No longer are gTLD an administrative function but a full blown business process that requires a new kid on the block to help drive business.