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Watch How gTLD’s Can Help Your Business

The new Top-Level Domains are a giant expansion of possibilities on the Internet that has been approved by ICANN (International Corporation for Assign Names and Numbers).

Branded Top Level Domain Names

By owning your own .brand (dotBrand) TLD you can effectively leverage your brand equity and differentiate your company online from your competition. It makes it even easier for your customers to find you and for the partner companies, affiliates and suppliers that you support to organise themselves around your brand name. You can also use your top-level domain .brand extension as a source of generating business and income for your company because you can create second-level registrations and agreements with suppliers, distributors, and other partners who are aligned with the brand. You can either offer these at no cost or you can charge for them. Either way you are in control of your brand and how you want it to be managed in the online space.

By owning a piece of the Internet landscape, brands can express themselves in ways not yet imagined and redefine, enhance and renovate their business model, distribution channels and company’s strategic positioning, including:

•   New Market Opportunities

•   Creation of New Business Models

•   Improved Distributor and Affiliate Channel Efficiencies

•   Improved Economies of Scale

•   Improved Economies of Scope

•   Greater Brand Protection

•   Enhanced Security

•   Improved Building of Consumer Trust & Loyalty

•   Increasing Conversions & Sales

•   Improved Brand Loyalty

•   Enhanced Brand Recognition

•   Greater Search Optimization – Visibility

•   Controlling a Piece of the Internet that Represents your Identity and What You Do

•   Adding Flexibility to Create Unlimited URLs on Demand

•   Creating a Barrier to Entry for Competitors

•   Increasing the Value of your Company

There are also other top-level domain options that are being floated as well which include generic top-level domain names like .app (dotApp) and .love (dotLove), geographic top-Level domain names like .africa (dotafrica), cause top-level domain names .Gay (dotGay) and city top-level domain names .melbourne (dotmelbourne) or .sydney (dotsydney). For more information go to our gTLD dedicated website