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What Can You Do To Improve your Search Engine Rankings?

Want to know the secret sauce to SEO success…? The big secret is that there is no secret! Pretty much every piece of SEO knowledge has already been given away for free by someone but the hard part for the average business owner is sifting through all the advice and figuring out what is going to give them the best bang for their buck.

In this article, we’re going to highlight some key areas where your efforts will get the most value. These are things that are easier and/or more effective when done by a business in-house than trying to outsource to an SEO agency. We’ll also highlight a few areas where agencies can really add a lot of value and take care of aspects of SEO that are very difficult for a business to do in-house without creating an internal SEO team. (more…)

What’s Changing with Google (and How It Affects You)

Trying to pin down Google’s algorithm is a little like trying to nail Jell-O to a wall. Why would you even try? It’s just going to fall off the nail anyway.

If that’s how you feel, it’s understandable. It can be frustrating. You want your site to appear on the first page of Google’s search results. But, the algorithm isn’t public, and Google is notoriously close-mouthed about it. But guess what?

You can’t stop trying.

Ranking high on Google is a must for every local business. The businesses that appear in the top five spots on Google get the lion’s share of the traffic. If you miss the mark, you’ll be missing out on business.

With that in mind, here are the most important things you need to know about what’s changing with Google – and why you should care.


Your Facebook Marketing is Missing the Boat with Gen X, Millennials, and Gen Z

You might be a Facebook marketing whiz. You’ve got targeting down, you create compelling posts to share with your followers, and you can curate content like nobody’s business. But guess what?

If you’re not tailoring your content to the generation of your audience, you’re missing the boat.

Wondering why? It’s because members of Generation X, Millennials, and Gen Z use Facebook in different ways. There’s no one approach that will work for all of them. That means you’ve got to know your audience and then customize your approach to ensure that you’re reaching them.


How to improve online presence for a local business

Being a local business owner it is their dream to achieve something in the online market. But many local businesses fail to understand how to accomplish their dreams. Understanding their inability I have come up with a better thought process that could help such local businesses to achieve their dreams in a stipulated period of time.

Would you be interested to know how it works? Sit behind and let me walk you through some of the essential points that are required for a local business to improve its online presence.

Let’s Get Started!!!

Installing SSL certificate:

The evergreen strategy of SEO industry is the security of a website. People from the initial days till the future expect security for things they avail online. A website that is displayed with a green padlock symbolizes that the website is secured. When your customers notice the SSL certificate on your website URL they get to know that the site is preserved.

On the other hand, the SSL certificate ensures fast loading speed of your website, lessens errors and reduces redirects and further leading to better ranking results.

To get your SSL certificate installed to your website you need to make sure whether it verifies your business and let’s web server to establish secure encryption on access. You can avail your Cheap SSL certificates from SSL2BUY where they provide higher-end security on encryption at a cost-effective rate. At the same time, the provider will give you precise instruction on handling the SSL certificate. They will also provide you recommended support to select a full site or page-specific certificate.

Never miss user experience:

Your users are your biggest strength. Every website should be that impressive to your audience. When you fail to get them pleased, you happen to miss a huge crowd and that obviously ends up in poor conversion rate. In a nutshell, both user-experience and on-page optimization plays a vast role in your business.

User-experience refers to how instinctive and easy-to-navigate your website is which indeed influences your brand and the company’s service goals.

Be deliberate about branding:

As we have seen the importance of branding in one of my earlier post, it is also a subconscious mark that is left behind in your customer’s mind. Remember one thing; customers always prefer the ones they are familiar with. So all you need to do in order to grab their attention is associate your company with some distinct colors and doodles. This builds a good relationship between your brand and your audience.

It can also avoid your customers treating your emails as junks. Make sure to maintain it consistent among all the directories and social media aggregates. Your customers should be able to recognize you on Facebook or any other social platforms just as the way they find you on your website. This is something really important.

Index your business on directories:

Directories make your business visible in most places where your audience are. Some of them are Google My Business, Bing Places, Yahoo Local listing, Yelp and many such. As you widen your search places you get the most chance of appearing online. You make your online presence stronger than ever. Google really values websites that are involved in the network of online directories.

Make sure that you never miss the map features as well. Google can help your business rank better not only in local rankings but also by improving the user experience. A few prospective customers would always wish to know where you are located before making certain decisions. So it is good that you make perfect efforts that pay you well for your business.

Paid ads increase exposure:

It is obvious that all your On-page optimization tricks, keywords targeting, and other SEO tactics are effective but it takes time for them to deliver expected results. For more better and instant results I would prefer paid ads.

Paid ads on Adwords or Facebook could give you more exposure and engagement from your audience. This generates business as your SEO tactics get established. This stuff is going to help you out in achieving both your long and short time goals. The ultimate reason behind the greatest success of any local business is based on the exposure to customers.

A few targeted ad-campaigns improve likelihood as your brand images reach the eyeballs of your local audience in the same geographical area of your business.

Digitize your local business:

With all the above-mentioned strategies a few digitization’s of your local business could pay a lot. Try implementing any of the latest digital techniques that are already grabbing the attention of the audience in the local market. This could really work out for your business. But make sure that you are not doing just as your competitors are. Make some unique efforts that you get noticed by your online audience.

Local business is highly noticed when they have a strong digital presence. By employing all these tactics you ensure that you are growing ahead of your competitors. And it is good that you do so. You also need to make records of your progress that you will be able to identify how well are you progressing with your efforts.

Wrap up:

Make sure that you engage in all these techniques to establish your local business in the online market. It is not that difficult to build a strong online presence. But at the same time, it is not a joke competing in the vast market. You need to take effective steps in order to progress better in the online market.

At the same time, consistency is the keynote to your success. If you are going to fail any of these steps you may succeed yet you will notice fluctuations in your success stories. It is good and recommended to take efforts that you implement all these steps in your business to build a strong and effective online presence. Make sure that you get your local business listed on Google My Business, as they could help your audience much better in finding you. Never miss to let us know your success stories.

Googles New Pidgeon Update Could Push Franchisees Over the Edge

Google recently did another update to their algorithm and this one was called “Google Pigeon”.
This most recent update could greatly impact the rankings of Franchisors franchisee listings in Google search results and therefore sales revenue due to the fact that Google will be showing fewer “pack results”.
In a recent article done by Mod Girl Marketing called “top 8 ways googles pigeon algorithm changed local seo”. The very first of the 8 reasons identified discussed how franchisee listing would be negatively impacted.
A likely reasons for Google making this change is that Google wants to connect with the smaller more independent operators and not alienate them as they represent a large part of the bread and butter of Google. There is after all a lot of independent operators out there that Google can earn revenue from. According to Googles boffins that number is more valuable than the franchisees it is going to now down grade the rankings of.
While I understand diversity, variety and fairness, I am not sure that this decision is based purely on that. It will be interesting to see which franchisee listings are lowered and why? Just being a part of a “pack” shouldn’t be a negative. At the same time being a part of a pack shouldn’t be a boost.
Franchising is an integrel part of our financial system. Franchising represents the small to medium business owner. Franchising not only contributes billions to our markets it also employs millions around the world. Google needs to be careful how they implement this change and how they evaluate one business vs the next. With Google being as influential to a franchisees survival as it is, it could be enough to convince some franchisees to leave franchising and go independent, something that every franchisor should be very concerned about.
Variety and diversity is what Google is always after to give the searcher more options, however the result of this will be that it will make it harder for a franchisor to show all their store listings one after another. In other words some franchisee listings won’t show up on the first page of Google any more.
This has the potential to be very costly to sales for not only franchisees and franchisors but any multi store company. The scary thing is that most companies are blissfully unaware of the heavy impact it’s going to have digital sales for their organisation. Why? Well Google local listings are cheap and an easy way for small businesses to rank very high for potential customers who are searching for a local business. Examples of this are “Coffee shop Darling Harbour”, “lawn mowing Chatswood”, “Pool cleaner Geelong” or “key cutter Glenelg”. When 60% of people click on the first 3 business websites listed in a Google search result, small businesses have become heavily reliant upon this traffic for generating a lot of their income. See below a typical search result.

Who is most at risk
Any franchisees within shopping centres with low advertising and marketing budgets who heavily rely on foot traffic for income. These businesses generally look to low cost online methods like Google local business listings and Google maps to help channel online traffic to their shops. As a customer I myself have often pulled out my phone to find the nearest local coffee or key cutting shop to service my needs. Not coming up on that list of choices could be catastrophic for a franchisee that has to shell out huge rental fees each month.
In a time when business attitudes are already flat and franchisees are often struggling to make ends meet, a change like this could be the tipping point that turns a profitable business into one that isn’t.
However it’s not all doom and gloom for franchisee’s as there are many advertising and marketing work arounds ranging from optimisation strategies to Google advertising and social media that can help to counter act this new algorithm. However many businesses still don’t employ the services of a dedicated Internet strategy company to help develop these strategies yet. The role of an Internet strategy company is to do more than just provide the required services but also to allow a business to tap into the huge resource of knowledge of a company that works in this space every day. This kind of relationship will help to develop better strategies to allow the business to continually bend and flex with the changing digital environment.
Below is a typical local search and we have highlighted the most important locations where a franchisee needs to make sure they appear in search results. If you’re not here then you’re potentially missing out on a lot of business. Click on the image to enlarge.

Below is more detail from the original article;
A Google “7 Pack” refers to the highlighted Local listings (business name, address, phone number, website) displayed on a map within the first page of a Google search query — say, for something like “restaurants Boston Massachusetts.” In the past, small, independent mom-and-pop businesses had a hard time competing with multi-location franchises. These little one-off businesses seemed to be outgunned and never appeared among the first results. Suddenly, you’ll notice there are only two or three “pack” results listed — perhaps not the biggest chains anymore — and so many websites saw their number of queries drop by more than 23%. Other common searches affected included: jobs, cars for sale, cruises, apartments, train tickets, and sofas.
To read the full article click on the link below