Why Google Is the Best Online Advertising Medium

When it comes to the best advertising platform – there is no question Google Ads is the most widely used medium throughout the globe. And for good reason.

However, you may have often typed or are going to type “Why should I use Google Ads?”, or “Is Google Ads really going to work for me?” like so many other start-ups, SMEs and often large businesses do. Why? Well, that is essentially because so many businesses have heard of Google Ads but are always hesitant to use it. This is what we are going to help you with – to eliminate that hesitation.

According to experts, Google Ads, the spectacularly famous PPC ad system will pan out for almost any type of business. This is true regardless of how new, and niche or old it is. Considering this, mentioned below are some fantastic benefits Google Ads can provide to propel your business way into the future:

The Scalability Factor

When you talk about the best digital marketing medium, one of the most mind-numbing obstacles for any business is locating lead sources that can be highly scalable. In other words, you shouldn’t require putting in ten times the effort to achieve ten times the leads. This is especially if you are a start-up business and don’t have the time.

That is why a lot of businesses spend millions upon millions per annum just on Google Ads. Moreover, you don’t need a hefty capital to start a Google Ads campaign. This is great news for start-ups and small businesses! If you establish an ad campaign that is expediting your marketing and proving profitable – there is really no use of being stingy on that campaign.

Moreover, you can expand your Pay Per Click budget and see your profit margins and leads grow in accordance to your campaign. This is exactly why Google Ads is so powerful and effective for organizations that require a ton of leads but don’t have enough time to achieve them.

The Measurability of Google Ads

When it comes to measurability – TV and magazine can’t really help you. However, online platforms like Google Ads offer an extremely measurable option compared to most digital marketing channels. Search Engine Optimization can’t really provide you with precision-based numbers or measurements. This is because it is ludicrous to know exactly what actions caused what result. For instance, what did you do to make that website climb the ranking on Google, or if the opposite happened?

The same goes for social media networks like Facebook or Twitter. You can’t measure what it is you are doing right or wrong, which is where Google Ads come into play. The platform is more transparent. It offers thousands of PPC metrics and provides you a granular view of what you’re doing right and what you’re doing wrong.

The Formats for Google Ads are Far More Engaging Compared to Organic Results

There is no question of how many advertisement formats Google has launched over the years. These include product listings, video embedded ads on YouTube, etc. Google does this because it is a statistical truism that brightly themed or shiny advertisements get more clicks. This, in turn, means it makes more profits for Google.

However, an increased clickthrough rate is just as beneficial for the advertiser! Facebook has only a single platform for posting ads, whereas you can increase your reachability drastically using newer more up to date ad extensions as well as formats. Users find organic listings mundane and boring – and will not click on them as a result!

The Traffic Derived from Google Ads May Just Topple Organic Traffic

That isn’t to say that organic traffic is bad – no way. However, there is plenty of statistical evidence to suggest that paid online advertisements convert more efficiently compared to organic traffic. The conversion rate for Google Ads traffic is 2x that of organic traffic. But conversion rates vary heavily depending on type of industry or business you run.  But what is even truer is the fact that you will never know about it unless you take the step and switch to the best online marketing media platform like Google Ads.

You can Complement Different Marketing Platforms Using Google Ads

The fact that Google Ads is complementary to a slew of marketing campaigns is testimony of its versatility and flexibility in growing your reachability. You can enhance rebranding or remarketing your brand name by incorporating a Google Ads campaign. You can effectively target users with even a slight interest in your business. How? Well, you can use Google Ads Cookies to track and monitor past users and visitors to your site. You can also track people who may have stumbled upon or actively searched for your business via social media networks, newsletter campaigns and whatnot.  The ads you display using Google Ads will practically follow your users around online. They will subtly appear everywhere, helping etch your brand name into their minds.

The Power of Google Ads

When it comes to Google networks reach and the best advertising platform – Google Ads has become the most popular and widely used platform in the world. As a matter of fact, it’s a de factor online advertising tool. The platform fields approximately 3.5 B search queries per day – yes, per day folks!

Apart from that, Google provides online businesses unprecedented access to an unmatched audience of web surfers and users who are actively searching for products and services like you!

The tech giant’s advertising services are divided into two central networks – the Display and Search network. The former offers B2C and B2B businesses and organizations unmeasured access to enhanced visual advertisements who aim to reach their goals for which conversion isn’t a primary prerequisite – like banner ads, which by the way extends to 98% of the online world. It is an excellent medium for businesses seeking PPC-based conversions to make users more aware of their brand presence.

The Search network, on the other hand, comprises of everything related to the search engine itself – businesses can bid thousands and millions of different keywords and long-tail keyword search phrases to directly focus on their target audience.

An Audience of Epic Proportions

If you break the 3.2 billion search queries down – you get 400,000 queries each passing second – amounting to a total of approximately 1.2 trillion search queries in a single year. Yeah, Google handles all that and more like a champ.

As Google begins to introduce a new wave of sophistication, changing the online game, in part to the tech giant’s dependability on artificial intelligence (proprietary) as well as MLT (machine learning technology), there is absolutely no question the search volume will keep on growing at an exponential rate.

That gives plenty of leverage to new businesses and start-ups who will have an equal chance to target new customers! Simply put, there just isn’t any search engine capable enough to provide such as a massive audience, and there never can be. Google has become an endless source of clients and customers from across the globe. And when you throw in Google Ads into the fold, it isn’t that difficult to see how and why the best online marketing media has become a famous Pay Per Click platform in the whole wide world!

An Equal Chance to Go Big

When it comes to misconceptions about Google Ads – none is more ridiculous and rampant then that you can only use PPC if you have a big budget and that you will win if you do! That is absurd. Google has made for an even playing field – where it focuses on nothing else but relevance and quality of ads. That is why you see so many small businesses and start-ups quickly competing with their larger counterparts after using Google Ads!

Nothing is more important for a Google Ads campaign then relevance. The more on-point your ad is for the user, the better their experience. In turn, it is more likely for them to use Google as their priority search engine.

It is just because of this very reason that Google has set its sights on nothing else but quality and relevance. Just think about it – that is exactly why businesses that have optimized and precision-based, quality advertisements never have to bid as highly compared to organizations that don’t have a flawed ad campaign.

And that is essentially where the entire myth about Google Ads being expensive or ineffective comes from! For someone who knows what they’re doing, you cannot fail with Google Ads.

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About the Author

Samar Jit

I have 16 years of experience in Google Ads management. I have also been managing Facebook Ads campaigns actively for the past 3 years. I have a practiced approach to digital marketing that delivers great results. I combine channels and audience types to create engaging, compelling consumer journeys, carrying audiences from first impressions to becoming prospects, then loyal customers and brand advocates. I am liberal, analytical and a futurist. I try to stay updated with all the latest strategies and platform features of online marketing. I enjoy the challenges of an ever-changing landscape. I enjoy learning by doing; immersing myself in data and finding insights that can improve the quality and quantity of the outcomes. I am a yogi, an animal lover and a student of life. I am also a student of acting, a writer and a music composer.